Alumni Testimonials

What do recruiting leaders say about our Recruiting Leadership Labs?

They love that it’s focused specifically on their development as recruiting leaders.  Our focus isn’t on the tactics of recruiting.  Across our three labs, we invest time in recruitment strategy, scaling sourcing and interviewing models, metrics, diversity, influencing executives to engage or fund new resources, driving adoption of best practices, and turning recruiters into talent advisors. It’s not some general management 101 workshop or a high-level trends conference; it’s custom-built for recruiting leaders who want real-world, actionable strategies, tactics, tools, and templates to take back to their offices and put into practice right away.

They like that it’s credibly delivered by a former corporate recruiting leader, who gets the challenges they face. And they like that participation is limited to 20 people, and the format places you in small groups, where you work on real-world scenarios and learn from peers facing similar challenges. Bottom line: Hundreds of 5/5 reviews since our first leadership lab in 2011.

“One of the most targeted and relevant trainings I’ve attended in my career….spot on, great value.” 

Staffing Manager, Microsoft

“Great job presenting the content, keeping it both fun and engaging by using real-world examples. 5/5!” 

Recruiting Manager, GoDaddy

“5/5!  Very practical, can use this right away in real life circumstances” 

Manager, Talent Acquisition, EA Games

“This was the best 2 days I’ve had in regards to professional development. Every topic was relevant and timely. I left feeling confident in how to apply everything I learned, which is incredibly rare when leaving most training sessions. 5/5!” 

Talent Acquisition Manager, LinkedIn

“The ability to interact with other leaders from different industries was invaluable. Most programs are focused on what industry you work in which creates a very limited point of view. 5/5!” 

Recruiting Manager, Zillow

“Best workshop I have taken for my own career development.” 

Sr. Manager, Yahoo!

“Exceeded my expectations.  So glad I made the trip.  I can’t wait to use what I learned.  5/5!”

Manager, Talent Acquisition, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab

“Loved it! 5/5. Learned prioritization, strategy, development of my team, coaching. Really tied the content to real world situations we face.” 

Recruiting Manager, Amazon

“I am very skeptical about training, but you convinced me training can add real value. 5/5! Thank you.” 

Head of Tech Recruitment, Zalando

“Right on point, very practical, no fluff here. 5/5!” 

University Recruiting Manager, Pinterest

“Great stories and examples to make it realistic. Very motivating!” 

Recruiting Leader, Deutsche Bahn

“So valuable to take back to my teams. 5/5!” 

Manager, Talent Acquisition, Starbucks

“The materials were so very relevant. The stories were engaging. And the environment is open and welcoming, where everyone is encouraged to participate. Excellent! 5/5!” 

Associate Director of Recruiting, KPMG

“Engaged the diverse room of leaders, allowing for great discussion – fun, really effective, and I even used the tools before I finished the workshop! 5/5!” 

Head of Global Recruitment, ABBYY

“Awesome 2 days! Walked away with 10+ action items, and much more content to review over the next week.”

Sr Manager, Recruiting, Amazon Web Services

“The materials are a gold mine of frameworks and templates that it would take the typical recruiting leader a career-lifetime to develop. Attending these leadership labs are my personal MBA track. Best 2 days I’ve spent this year with immediate ROI! 5/5!” 

Head of Talent, Madrona VC

“Engaging, relevant, real-life examples, with practical, simple but powerful frameworks, tools, and techniques for me to use on the job.” 

Director, Talent Acquisition, Nestle

“I learned various strategies that are easily implemented in real world recruiting situations. Plug and play! 5/5!” 

Recruiting Leader, Two Sigma

“5/5! John is a true SME in recruiting leadership and strategy, an excellent teacher, and a lot of fun. I learned so much.” 

Director, Talent Acquisition, Tegna

“Very relatable, with real world examples. I learned a lot!” 

Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition, Northwestern Mutual

“It’s been almost a year since I attended, and I still use my workbook; my recruiters are used to seeing it come out at our staff meetings now.” 

Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition, PNC Bank

“Fantastic, 5/5! Content was both engaging and totally devoid of fluff. All real-world tools and scenarios. I wish I had taken this years ago.” 

Talent Acquisition Manager, Intuit

“5/5! Excellent! Got a lot of great content that I will implement in my daily work life.” 

Tech Sourcing Manager, Twitter

“He challenges your way of thinking, keeps everyone engaged, and gets you working with peers both days. 5/5!” 

Recruiting Manager, Activision

“Relatable, both tactical and strategic. Walked away with a game plan in various areas. Exceeded my expectations! 5/5!” 

Manager, Diversity Talent, Hilton

“5/5! Incredibly practical – easy for me to internalize. Didn’t try to cram too much in and really honest on the most critical components. Really powerful.” 

Recruiting Manager, Uber

“I am taking back sooooo many resources and feel I can start making immediate action on my ongoing projects, and start new ones. Other training I’ve been to are too basic – this provided real world strategy around real life situations recruiting leaders face everyday.” 

Diversity Recruiting Program Manager, Zillow

“Value-dense experience, but you don’t find yourself checking out, even towards the end of day 2. Very actionable. I’ve already shared the content with people on my team and my VP, the day after training, and am putting things into use that I learned. 5/5!” 

Head of Recruiting, BECU

“One of the most engaging workshops I’ve ever participated in. Awesome scenarios. Super helpful – can’t wait to take this material back to our team.” 

Sr. Talent Acquisition Lead, TransUnion

“I love how direct and practical John gets during the trainings, and how much of his own lived experience as a TA leader and as a consultant he brings in the sessions.”

Talent Acquisition Manager, TEGNA

“This training is a must for TA leaders looking to elevate their strategic
influence and drive meaningful results.”

Head of TA, BECU

“Without question, the content is excellent. But John’s delivery of the content and manner of engaging with his audience is next level. Exceeded expectations. I felt as though the content was written for me. I’m particularly grateful for being provided with such practical templates I can lean on now and into the future.”

Director - Talent Acquisition, Verisign
Recruiting Leadership and Recruiting Manager Training Workshop
Recruiting Leadership and Recruiting Manager Training Workshop
Recruiting Leadership and Recruiting Manager Training Workshop

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