Recruiting Leadership Labs

Recruiting Leadership Labs are one or two-day workshops 100%
focused on helping corporate recruiting leaders win.

Lab 1: Strategy and Engaging Executives

What will you learn?

  • How to create and communicate a recruiting strategy for a hiring ramp or Quarterly Business Review
  • How to influence executives with metrics and storytelling
  • How to build and present a quality business case for additional investments – headcount, technology, training

Plus peer-to-peer networking with 19 other corporate recruiting leaders from across geographies and industries.

Next offered: TBD

Lab 2: Building a Culture of Recruiting and Driving Change

What will you learn?

  • How to create a culture of recruiting with your business
  • How to better leverage hiring managers to be talent champions who help attract, source, select, and sell top talent
  • How to lead and deploy process change to your HMs/across your organization – diversity, interviewing, sourcing/candidate engagement

Plus peer-to-peer networking with 19 other corporate recruiting leaders from across geographies and industries.

Next offered: TBD 

Lab 6: QBRs and Executive Influence

What will you learn?

  • How to build and prepare for a strategic quarterly business review (QBR) with your business executives (VP level leaders).
  • How to leverage talent market insights and historical internal metrics to diagnose root issues, influence execs, and gain their buy in for your strategies.
  • How to build a QBR and plan when optimizing for quality and diversity versus speed and scale.

Plus peer-to-peer networking with 19 other corporate recruiting leaders from across geographies and industries.

Next offered: TBD

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What are Recruiting Leadership Labs?

Recruiting Leadership Labs are one- or two-day, hands-on workshops designed specifically for Corporate Recruiting Leaders. This is not a conference, a death-by-PowerPoint presentation by some academic guru, or some vendor-sponsored sales pitch workshop.  We offer 6 different labs, focused on strategy and engaging executivesbuilding a culture of recruiting and driving changediversity recruiting leadershipdriving recruiting performancesourcing and interview strategy, and our newest lab, leading effective QBRs (quarterly business reviews) with executives.

Why attend?

Companies like Amazon, Target, Disney, Facebook, Intuit, Coca-Cola, Booking, Nike, Activision, and Sephora send their recruiting managers to our leadership labs because they’re real-world, practical, and loaded with actionable templates and strategies that can be put into use right away. They are credibly led by John Vlastelica, founder of global consulting firm Recruiting Toolbox, former head of tech recruiting at Amazon and head of global recruiting at Expedia, and top-rated keynote speaker and trainer.

Am I eligible to attend?

You must be a current corporate recruiting manager to participate.  Sorry, but vendors, agency, RPO recruiting leaders are not eligible.  Similarly, hands-on recruiters are not eligible – you must manage recruiters and lead recruiting for a department or region to be eligible.

If you have questions about your eligibility to register, please contact us.

Recruiting leaders from over 200 companies have rated our workshops 5/5. Why?
They’re hands-on, real-world practical, scenario-based, loaded with tools, and fun!

“Literally, the day after the class I was building recruitment plans to support my business, including forecasting data, sourcing plans, SLAs and processes to put in place. I was a stronger leader leaving the workshop. #didnotsuck”

Global Recruiting Manager, TripAdvisor

“This was the best 2 days I’ve had in regards to professional development. Every topic was relevant and timely. I left feeling confident in how to apply everything I learned, which is incredibly rare when leaving most training sessions. 5/5!”

Talent Acquisition Manager, LinkedIn

“Both tactical and strategic. Walked away with a game plan. Exceeded my expectations! 5/5!”

Manager, Diversity Talent, Hilton

“Fantastic, 5/5!  Content was both engaging and totally devoid of fluff. All real-world tools and scenarios. I wish I had taken this years ago.”

Talent Acquisition Manager, Intuit

“5/5! Excellent! Got a lot of great content that I will implement in my daily work life.”

Tech Sourcing Manager, Twitter