How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In This Workshop

It’s Not a Conference

Most conferences, well, don’t really teach you much. They are loaded with high-level best practice presentations that often require big budgets, or focus on trends, or focus on the tactics a RECRUITER needs, or give you academic best practices…not real-world things you can take back and use as a RECRUITING LEADER.

Recruiting Leadership Lab is NOT a conference – it’s a hands-on, 20 person workshop, that’s both strategic and tactical – you walk away with actionable insights and templates you can use right away.

“Amazing. I put my learning to use before I made it back to the office.”

– Sr. Recruiting Manager, Nike

Your Peers Love It

Hundreds of recruiting managers from leading companies around the world – from no-name little companies to the biggest brands on earth – have rated this workshop a 5/5! Many companies send their recruiting managers because their recruiting managers come back smarter and more prepared – companies like Amazon and Target and Nestle and LinkedIn and Microsoft and Zillow send their recruiting managers again and again, as they know it’s a high quality development investment.

“Literally, the day after the class I was building recruitment plans to support my business including forecasting data, sourcing plans, SLAs and processes to put in place. Not only was I a stronger leader leaving the workshop, I was a stronger partner for my business. #didnotsuck.”

– Sr. Global Recruiting Manager, TripAdvisor

We Screen All Attendees – Strictly Leaders Only

We screen out non-corporate recruiting managers. There are no vendors or consultants or RPO firms selling you anything. You work side by side with peers, who are often facing the same issues. You leave knowing 19 new colleagues at interesting companies, and get to network with them, benchmark with them, and connect with them post-workshop through Slack and email.

“I was collaborating with and learning from my peers while being led by an industry expert. Quality of the attendees and workshop was top rate.”

– Sr. Director, Staffing and Mobility, Lam

You Work

You work. This isn’t a “sit back and watch” presentation by some guru. You will work in small groups on real-world scenarios that you face all the time as a recruiting leader. Yes, you will learn from the instructor and leave with best practices and templates, but you’ll also learn from peers, who share how they solve challenges – just like the ones you face – in the real world of competing priorities, limited resources, unrealistic executives, and competitive markets.

“The materials were so very relevant. The stories were engaging. And the environment is open and welcoming, where everyone is encouraged to participate. Excellent! 5/5!”

– Associate Director of Staffing, KPMG

Genuine Expertise

It’s led by a credible leader and trainer, John Vlastelica of Recruiting Toolbox. He’s a former Recruiting Director (Expedia, Amazon) turned consultant who works with many of the most interesting companies on earth – PepsiCo, Salesforce, Slack, Starbucks, Bloomberg, Adidas, SAP, Disney. He is a student of real-world best practices, not an academic or sales guy, and is regularly asked to keynote and speak at leading conferences in the US and Europe, including LinkedIn Talent Connect, ERE, SourceCon, iRecruit/HR Tech Europe, and Recfest UK.

He gets the real-world challenges, as he’s lived them, and successfully built recruiting teams, influenced execs, drove adoption of programs and processes, scaled a high hiring bar, mentored Recruiting Managers, and improved hiring team capabilities for 25 years.

Learn more about John.

“John is knowledgeable and relatable. His content is spot on and extremely relevant. 5/5!”

– Talent Acquisition Manager, Intuit

The Cost

Think about how big your budget is. How often can you get a high-value workshop with such a strong track record of developing leaders for just a fraction of your total spend?  Think about your alternatives – conferences, where you sit with hundreds of people – many not in recruiting leadership roles – anonymously listening to some guru share a case study or academic research.  Ugh.

Recruiting Leadership Labs give you immediate ROI – over 50 of our attendees have commented that they put what they learned into place within days of participating in our labs.  They say they leave inspired, with actionable plans, templates, and tools to elevate their games as a recruiting leader and deliver even more value to their teams and the business.  This is an accelerator program for Recruiting Managers – you “get there faster” when you invest in our labs.

“5/5! Excellent! Got a lot of great content that I will implement in my daily work life.”

– Tech Sourcing Manager, Twitter

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