Recruiting Leadership Lab: Core One

Join corporate recruitment managers and directors to learn and share best practices to help you build and deploy recruitment strategies, make compelling business cases, influence executives, and enable your team to be better business partners.

2019 Workshop: To be determined.
When?: To be determined.
Cost: $2,500 (How to convince your boss to invest in this)
Why attend? Your peers say our labs are very practical, with over 150 5/5 reviews!
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• Location to be confirmed. Receive a notification once we've finalized the lab location. 

We usually sell out several months in advance, so register early to get your spot. Participation is limited to 20 corporate recruitment managers per leadership lab (no more than 2 from the same company).

"It's the best workshop I have ever taken for my own career development."
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, Yahoo!

Recruiting Leadership Lab Core 1:
Two-day workshops focused on
corporate recruiting leadership and strategy.

Facilitated by John Vlastelica of Recruiting Toolbox

Get Your Agenda For An In-Depth Look At The Lab: Core One

Core One Agenda Overview

What will you learn? Best Practices for the Real World.

This is not some theoretical workshop focused on the importance of leading; it's all about the "how to."

     ·  How to Create and Communicate Recruiting Strategy

     · How to Build and Present a Quality Business Case

      · How to Influence Executives

      · How to Lead and Deploy Process Change Across Your Organization

      · How to Help Your Recruiters Become Talent Advisors

A 2-day public workshop focused on corporate recruiting leadership and strategy.

Built for high-potential Corporate (in-house) Recruitment Managers and Directors who lead recruiters (must manage Corporate Recruiters to attend) and want to improve their executive influence, strategic thinking, team leadership, and problem-solving skills in a hands-on, scenario-based workshop environment. 

Note: This is not your typical PowerPoint style training. Get ready to work through real-world scenarios, alongside peers, over both days. 

Credibly Led by John Vlastelica, a former Recruiting Director with Amazon and Expedia, who now, through Recruiting Toolbox, provides leadership development, strategic consulting and training services to Recruitment Leaders from companies like Nike, Groupon, World Bank, Yahoo!, Hitachi, PepsiCo, Target, Google, TripAdvisor, Zurich, Starbucks and Salesforce.

Competencies and Development Focus Areas

This is not training that focuses on how to recruit. Instead, it's focused on helping you lead your part of the recruiting function and deliver the right strategies for your business.

Executive Influence ■ Strategic Thinking ■ Team Leadership ■ Change Management ■ Recruitng Strategy ■ Prioritisation & Setting Direction ■ Business Acumen ■ Communication ■ Problem Solving ■ Organizaional Savvy

What do Recruiting Leadership Lab Attendees Say about this Workshop? 

    ·   Built 93% of the 100+ corporate recruiting managers who have attended these small group Labs over the past 5 years rated the workshop a 5 out of 5 ("Excellent"), noting the effectiveness of the instructor, the applicability and effectiveness of the content and tools shared, and the overall program quality.

    ·  98% said they'd recommend it to their peers.

    ·  100% said they enjoyed expanding their network in an environment where they got to work side by side, in real world scenarios, with colleagues from other industries and geographies.

    ·   A Talent Acquisition Manager from Nike said "Amazing 2-day learning experience. I put my learning to use before I even made it back to the office."

    ·   A Sr Manager, Recruiting from Yahoo! said "It's the best workshop I have ever taken for my own career development."

Who Should Attend?

Corporate Recruiting Managers and Directors (only) who lead recruiters and are responsible for recruiting strategy for some or all of their organization.

 Past Attendees have included recruiting leaders from companies in technology, financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and more, including Twitter, eBay, Nike, Faceboook, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Netflix, IKEA, Starbucks, Visa, KPMG, Square,, Nestle, Target, PepsiCo, Little Caesars, Deloitte, KLA Tencor, SAP, Amazon, and LinkedIn.

Leaders have typically led small (3 person +) to large (20 person+) corporate recruiting teams. 


Sorry, no vendors or partners to corporate recruiting teams (RPO, services, contingent or third-party recruiters, consultants) allowed. You must manage corporate recruiters to attend.

Maximum 20 attendees per workshop, and no more than 2 recruiting leaders from the same company.

John Vlastelica - Trainer
Managing Director - Recruiting Toolbox

John has provided training and recruitment management consulting services to companies of all shapes and sizes, including leading organizations in high-tech, biotech, healthcare, financial services, and retail. Including PepsiCo, Disney, Adidas, Bloomberg, Google, Target,, eBay, SAP, Salesforce. He's trained hiring teams and managers all over the world - from Moscow to Minneapolis, Beijing to Boston, Amsterdam to Atlanta, Sydney to San Francisco.

John has shared his expertise with colleagues as an entertaining and credible repeat presenter at regional, national, and international recruiting conferences, including LinkedIn Talent Connect, where he was rated a top 5 speaker (out of 100) 3 years in a row. He's also led popular webinars for thousands of recruiters and recruiting leaders, written strategic guides for recruiting leaders on sourcing and raising the bar, led and scaled a professional recruiting organization, been a judge for recruiting excellence awards, and produced the highly rated Talent42 recruiting conference.

John is a part-time critic, a part-time optimist who has fallen in love with the problems we face in the talent space and lives to help recruitment leaders win in their jobs. 


You'll learn new skills, develop key competencies, grow confidence around your role as a leader, and expand your network of peers, who can share lessons learned during and after the session to help you succeed (you'll be invited to a special Slack Channel/ networking group after the event to make it easy to share and stay connected with fellow Recruiting Leadership Lab alumni).