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We offer three Recruiting Leadership Labs; Core One, Core Two and Core Three. All workshops have identical formats - scenario based work in small groups, with peer recruitment managers, led by John Vlastelica - but different focus areas. You do not need to attend Core One to attend Core Two, and Core Three is not more advanced than Core One. They simply have different Topics. Both workshops run for two days.

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Core One  - 2019 Workshop

Core One is focused on building a recruiting strategy, getting funding, driving adoption of new process, and helping your recruiters become talent advisors. 

Core One 2019 workshop locations are to be determined. Our 2018 Europe workshop was held in Dublin (Europe) and our USA workshop was held in SIlicon Valley. 



Core Two - 2019 Workshop

Core Two is focused on creating a culture of recruiting (driving hiring manager ownership), coaching and measuring recruiters/sourcers, using metrics to influence and lead, and building pipelines and interviewing processes to scale. 

Our Core Two 2019 workshop is June 25 - 26 at LinkedIn,
 Sunnyvale, CA. 

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Core Three - 2019 Workshop

Core Three is available for registration! This workshop is on March 26 - 27, in Silicon Valley.

Core Three is focused on creating a culture of diversity recruiting, improving diversity attraction and sourcing strategies, improving interviewing and selection strategies while using a holistic approach to recruitment, improving interviewing process and candidate experience, turning hiring managers into talent magnets. 

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